FSA provides transversal support in the face of emergent requirements in particular times of crisis or financial tension, in different fields of endeavours.

Service offering:

  • modifications to company structure linked to variations in the shareholding structure;
  • operations for containing and modifying the structure of fixed costs, also by means of outsourcing non-strategic company activities;
  • restructuring of liabilities through the renegotiation of short and medium term financial debt, making them as coherent as possible with cash flows generated by operative company management;
  • identification of the most suitable turnaround operations in light of the specificity of the company and business;
  • assistance in insolvency proceedings for debt streamlining.

Turnaround Management

Companies in crisis often require radical changes to business, shareholding and company structure. FSA provides services for the development and implementation of company and financial turnaround operations, giving companies the chance for a fresh start through the careful management of debt and new financial balances.

Insolvency proceedings follow-up

Together with prestigious legal firms, FSA assists businesses in the selection and implementation of pre-insolvency or insolvency proceedings, such as negotiated crisis settlement, restructuring plans pursuant to art. 56 CCII, restructuring agreements as provided for in the Code of Corporate Crisis and Insolvency, and the preparation of Plans for closure agreement of creditors.

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