FSA has extensive experience in assistance with business internationalisation projects. The company has assisted in the international development of numerous companies when reaching out for the first time onto complex markets like Bulgaria, Albania, the UAE, Uzbekistan, India, England, the USA, Canada, China and some central African countries.

New commercial opportunities in the international market

FSA supports all companies looking to undertake an internationalisation process, through the opening of branches, commercial offices and production facilities, including in the form of joint ventures with local partners. The consultancy offering evaluates development opportunities in foreign markets, with the identification of regulatory restrictions and key variables for success. Management is supported in the phase of international development, with continuous financial and operative assistance, also with on site interaction with major local interlocutors, including clients, suppliers or financiers.

With internationalisation too, the FSA team assists its clients in the correct evaluation of investments and the efficient supply of funding sources, while ensuring the economic, asset and financial sustainability of each project, so that the company can carefully weigh up the opportunity of expansion or a partnership abroad.

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