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FSA Spa corporate finance services are for all companies looking to monitor and optimise financial flows. The aim is to provide effective and constant support to identify the optimal financial structure, minimising the cost of sources and maximising the efficiency of uses.

The FSA team of experts and analysts provides qualified assistance for all companies interested in extraordinary operations in order to modify governance and business structures, as well as management and organisational profiles.

Company performance analysis and verification

Accounting date and analysis models based on best practices of the sector are used to measure and evaluate financial and economic performance of the entire company as well as single strategic business areas. Economic and asset analysis of financial statements and main indicators are the starting point of a more extensive process, oriented towards evaluating the quality, performance and sustainability of company financial flows, veritable elements of value creation and dissemination. These tools are used to identify strong and weak points, criticalities and threats, providing management with valuable and continuous support in decision making and thus effective report generation in order to consolidate relations with the business’ main stakeholders and manage relations with financial intermediaries.

Business plan and cash budget implementation

The increasing intensity of competitive pressure and complexity in management means that translating start-up and company development projects into perspective financial planning models has become essential. Our team supports company management , preparing financial statements and forecast financial plans based on the business strategy and idea. In addition to highlighting the financial requirements for the implementation of different projects, such documents enable the definition of financially sustainable growth, so as to maximise company value.

Start-up support

The FSA team constantly supports numerous start-ups operating in traditional and innovative sectors alike, nurturing the development of a winning idea or new business model right from inception. Our company’s contribution in this sense is oriented towards:

• understanding the real possibilities of value creation;
• preparing start-up plans and medium to long term forecast budgets;
• supporting financial and/or business angels interested in investing in new projects;
• managing relations with the main interlocutors of the new business;
• preparing periodic analysis reports on economic-financial and asset performance for the purpose of creating value.

Analysis of company costs and financial break-even analysis

The problem of the sustainability of fixed financial commitments is an economic-quantitative aspect that company management is constantly required to face in order to verify economic-financial balances and evaluate the opportunity of engaging the business in new financial commitments for investments. Identifying the contribution towards the marginality of each business line, quantifying and dividing company costs into “fixed” and “variable” ones, are all essential prerequisites for identifying financial “break even”, i.e. the total expressed in production volumes of financial inflows required to cover fixed company financial outflows.

Extraordinary operations (M&A)

The FSA team assists businesses in the implementation of growth strategies for external lines, linked to acquisitions, transfers, mergers and demergers of entire companies or single company branches, delivering a professional contribution in the due diligence and evaluation phase, as well as during negotiations and closing. Assistance is also provided for the planning and implementation of growth strategies for internal lines, linked to investments in the areas of production, sales, research and development.

Evaluation of companies and company branches

The evaluation of a company (or a company branch) consists of a process which aims to estimate the company’s net equity value or asset value, by applying one or more methods and valuation criteria, carefully selected according to the pre-set target.

The FSA company evaluation offering is applied to the following operating areas:

• The field of extraordinary operations, in order to identify a fair acquisition or transfer value, which adequately considers the value of potential and latent synergies.
• The field of financial statement preparation: the progressive replacement of the fair value principle with the historical cost one means the adjustment of book values with market ones is increasingly necessary, the latter being determined according to international value measurement rules.
• The periodic business performance evaluation: in this field the evaluation is used to provide business professionals and managers with an ex post verification tool of generated value following the implementation of development plans and strategies.

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