FSA assists businesses in compliance with the Code of Corporate Crisis and Insolvency, which essentially establishes the mandatory nature of best practices that distinguish companies with control tools from those that tend to “play it by ear”. These control tools all have one thing in common: the capacity to gauge organisational health and project prognostic data on future business developments. Primary focus is on meeting financial commitments and therefore on ensuring that payables never exceed cash flow generation capacity.

The service

The service starts with discussions in order to analyse the state of organisational and technical assets, followed by the generation of a report on the necessary tools for ensuring compliance with the code of corporate crisis and insolvency. If necessary, FSA also provides all necessary support in evaluating any need for interventions for the creation of tools required by the new regulatory framework and/or any software selection.

The tools:

  • creation of tools for the analysis of actual financial statements, indicators regarding debt sustainability, delays with creditors, credit institutes and public bodies;
  • creation of tools for the measurement of performance indicators and payment delays;
  • treasury budget implementation;
  • minimum biannual Business Plan implementation;
  • development of tools in the detailed checklist for restructuring, necessary for negotiated crisis settlement.

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