Ivan Fogliata

IVAN FOGLIATA – Managing Partner

Lecturer in the corporate banking sector, advisor and financial analyst with AIAF-CIIA certification. Graduated “cum laude” at Bocconi University in 2001, he began his teaching activity at SDA Bocconi and Ca’ Foscari University. He teaches for Eni Corporate University, CUOA, Unicredit Credit Academy, ABI Training, ISFOR 2000, IFAF-Captha, Red Oddity. He also does coaching activities for managers of banks and industries. Member of the Board of Directors of Alto Adige Banca and Banca di Credito Cooperativo dei Colli Morenici del Garda, he is particularly concerned with issues of credit. He is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor in Brescia and he is a partner of the firm AS&F – Associated Accountants; he usually cooperates with law firms in the field of corporate, banking and derivatives litigation.

Mauro Agliardi

MAURO AGLIARDI – Partner & Chairman

He is the chairman of the company and he is chartered accountant and auditor in Brescia; he is an expert in tax issues, corporate and bankruptcy law. Member of the Board of Auditors of several companies in Brescia, he is an expert about innovative start-ups. He is also chairman and partner of the firm AS&F – Associated Accountants, he is technical advisor of the judge in corporate and financial litigation.

Massimo Somenzi


He is a partner of the company, he is a chartered accountant and auditor in Brescia; he is an expert in corporate law and international taxation. Expert of public and private taxation, he is partner of the firm AS&F – Associated Accountants and he holds important positions as auditor of the Local Authorities, Statutory auditor in corporations; he is insolvency administrator and technical advisor of the Court of Brescia.

Michele Giorni


He is a financial analyst for FSA; he is also a professor of corporate finance at IFAF-Captha, Red Oddity and fondazione CUOA. He holds training activities for companies and banks, among whom: Unicredit, Banco Popolare, Veneto Banca, Banca Sella, Sparkasse, Raiffeisen.
He is an expert about debt sustainability, turnaround and insolvency procedures. He is responsible for managing relations between banks and enterprises and he makes company evaluation.

Michele Moglia


He is financial analyst for FSA; he got a degree with full marks in Management and Finance at the University of Brescia, with a thesis on the evaluation of interest rate derivatives. He deals with corporate finance and the management of relationships between banks and companies. It carries out training activities for professionals and companies throughout the country.