FSA can provide support to emerging needs in particular times of crisis or financial stress by providing a valuable contribution in the following areas of activity:

  • Changes to the corporate structure related to the change in the shareholding structure;
  • Operations aimed at containing and changing the structure of fixed costs, sometimes through the outsourcing of non-core business activities;
  • Debt restructuring by rescheduling of short-term and medium-long term debts, in order to make them sustainable by the cash flows produced;
  • Identification of the turnaround intervention more suitable for the specificities of the business;
  • Assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.

Turnaround Management

The enterprise crisis often requires radical changes in the business, in the shareholding structure and in the company structure. FSA offers study and implementation of the corporate and financial turnaround for the realization of a complete restart through careful debt management and new financial balances.

Assistance in bankruptcy proceedings

FSA assists the company, in cooperation with prestigious law firms, in the selection and implementation of procedures such as bankruptcy or semi-bankruptcy, reorganization plans under art. 67 paragraph 3 letter d) L.F .; restructuring agreements under art. 182 Bis LF, as well as plans pursuant to art. 160-161 L.F.