FSA has particular experience in projects of business internationalization. The company has witnessed the expansion of a lot of companies that have appeared for the first time in new markets, such as Bulgaria, Albania, India, Great Britain and some central African countries.

FSA provides support to all companies wishing to embark on a process of internationalization through the creation of subsidiaries, sales offices and foreign production through joint ventures with local partners. The advisory is aimed at assessing opportunities for foreign market development, regulatory restrictions and the identification of key variables for success; to support the management in the early stages of international development, it is provided a continuous assistance about financial planning and operational assistance with access on site in relationships with key local stakeholders, customers, suppliers or lenders.

Even in the case of internationalization, FSA team assists customers in the proper valuation of investments and in the efficient provision of funding sources, in order to allow the customer to carefully evaluate the opportunity of an expansion or a partnership abroad.